Interview with Stereo MC’S

Brit award winning band Stereo MC’s have been working the live music circuit for over 25 years. Quince Garcia from Roadworks Media interviewed the band and spoke to them about their love for music and what keeps them going.

Mark Duggan: Untold

Mark Duggan is seen as the face that sparked the riots of summer 2011 and there is still a cloak of mystery that surrounds the events leading up to his death. “Untold” follows his sister, Paulette Hall, who reflects on the turmoil and anxiety Marks death had on her and the public fallout that followed.


Civil Unrest

A short documentary produced by RoadWorks Media on the UK riots of 2011. Filmed on location in Peckham south London.

Launch of the Make It Grow it Sell it Market

The launch of the Make it Grow it Sell it Market is as a sustainable market that gives people an opportunity to promote their business and encourages people to buy independent and unique products from locals.

The Naggs Head

The Naggs Head helps to give insight into one of the sub cultures of the British Public House in South London. 

A Stone Throw Away from Brighton Pier

This film is a visual exploration into Brighton’s Beach and amazing Pier. It takes us on a journey with Nyesha J-Garcia, who is Quince Garcia’s daughter. Brighton Pier offers a popular resort for the people of Britain.

The Chase
Everybody’s Gone Potty

England has officially declared its love for Tea in a broadcast that speaks to all the British People as they walk along and stand proud sipping their porcelain cups. 

A Child’s Hood Lost

Camberwell, South East London SE5. A short artistic documentary from The Elmington Estate in Camberwell Green where Quince Garcia grew up. The film explores an area in demise while regeneration and redevelopment are taking away a surrounding that was home to so many people’s memories.