Media Skills – Magazine Specialism

Open your mind to every possibility as you walk into this course. Not only will it teach you the basic principals of creative writing, but it will also teach you how to expand your thinking. No longer will you be thinking that you have to fit into a specific box, instead, you will find your own voice and learn how to take your work to the next level. This course will cover writing for magazines, photography basics, graphic design and illustration.

performance arts
Performance Arts

Performance is not only for actors or singers. it can help you to overcome anxiety, analyse the world around you, and help you to play out internal conflicts, learning how to use them to your advantage. The course itself will include: movement, voice, text analysis and self-reflection.

Media Skills – Film Specialism

This course is an introduction to media, covering both the practical and theoretical basis. During the course you will learn how to prepare a shooting schedule, gain an understanding industry equipment (including lighting and camera operation), learn industry standard editing techniques, and how to market your film.