Sagging Pants & Growing Up

What can I say? To start with, that I was once guilty of wearing my trousers in this manner. I think back and slap my face and attempt to pull it off as it were a mask. There are leading potential factors to convicts in America. But I did not watch any American prisoners wear their pants in this fashion and think “That’s the style I want to emulate on the road.” It all boiled down to a link of attitude and conveyance. If my pants start to drop, I just wouldn’t be bothered again to pull them up, and I wanted it to enforce my image of being a bloke from the streets.

The eccentric conservatism of my Father was appalled by display if he witnessed it. It became a discussion of ridicule and abhorrent when he socialised with peers from his fine circle. However, it is partly blamed on learning behaviour too, which I am hesitant to admit. My street credit still needs to be preserved of course. I do not want anybody thinking that I have gone soft and all romantic about life. I say all that while dreaming about baking some scones with whipped cream and freshly made strawberry jam. Nevertheless, man ain’t no punk, ya get me!!! Though pants sagging on reflection just made me look scruffy and unpleasant. So I then ask myself, “Is this an impression I want to give?” The answer in short would be an outstanding no. Therefore, I am going to work on what impression I do want to give. Now before you jump on a defensive band wagon, this is neither an attack nor a persuasion. It is a shared experience and opinion that bought me insight into how I perceived a bit about myself. So if pants sagging encourage individuals to look at themselves at some point, than hail pants sagging and long may it continue.

However, if you become of a certain age or a certain person over twenty give with children, that is when you will be attacked for your unwillingness to progress so you can further yourself in life. Well, at least make an attempt to prove to yourself that you now want to be a man. Pants sagging on a fifty year old have been seen mind you, and it has been a jaw dropping sight. It comes across of having mixed feelings between being unsure and having will power. Whatever the case, encouraging young people to be civil, polite and decent, is not signs of weakness. It is signs of a whole heap of self worth and value. So if you see a pants sagger, give them the benefit of the doubt as they explore impressionable signals that warrant mistakes for wonderful lessons.